Austin Perry
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Sorry / Dawn Wilkinson (friend of Becky )  Read >>
Sorry / Dawn Wilkinson (friend of Becky )
I'm so sorry about your loss. My heart goes out to you and your family.
Dawn Wilkinson (classmate at Boyet & NHS ) Close
You are still in my prayers  / Cheryl Wilks (none)  Read >>
You are still in my prayers  / Cheryl Wilks (none)
Perry Family - I think and pray for you often. I know God can truly heal all wounds, so I hope you are leaning on Him during this tragic time in your lives.

May God give you peace in your heart to get you through each day. 

Cheryl Wilks Close
Little Angel  / Jennifer Toups (Friend)  Read >>
Little Angel  / Jennifer Toups (Friend)
I know that God puts angels on earth and that they must be kids.  There was one such angel that was recently brought back to heaven.  His name was Austin Blake Perry.  
He must have known that he didn't have much time here because he touched the hearts of so many of us.  He was so curious and so all over because he had so much to learn and teach before he went.  He was the most precious little boy with blonde hair and the biggest blue eyes.  He loved everyone and appreciated everything.  There wasn't an animal of any kind or a rock of any size he didn't love.  Austin lived while he was here with us.  He lived like some of us only wish... God must be so proud of him.
It's almost like I can see him running on clouds, playing with other children, and checking out everything laid before him.  
As I grow older, I expected to loose people I loved, but never children.  What a fantasy!! Austin must have been very special to God for Him to call him home so soon in life.  
I will never forget the crazy moments, the smiles, the laughter, the curiosity, mischeviousness, the tears and the rude awakenings. 
An angel's love is always unconditional and pure.  That is just how Austin lived.  
I will forever miss you and cherish the fact that I was blessed to know you.  
My heart goes out to all of the family of Austin.  God Bless you all during this ordeal....